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Tips On Creating A Better Financial Future For You and Your Family


I covered this subject on my last page, but I will go into more detail here. Annuities serve as a long-term investment. It can help protect you and your family in case of an emergency. Some people use a savings account as an annuity. Periodic payments are made which will then be rolled over to a payout over the person’s lifetime. It is similar to life insurance and sometimes combines to add more money.

Can you sell one?

Yes. You can get at least $7,000. The more you have to sell, the greater your potential payout could be.

Other Financial Tips

1) There are a lot of people who like to shop. Use your shopping skills to your advantage. There are two items you see. You see an $8 shirt. You see a $30 designer jacket that you have been eyeing for months now.

You might want to hold off on the $8 shirt. I know it looks cute. However, if you want that jacket that you have been eyeing for weeks, putting back the shirt might be the better investment.

Every purchase is an investment. Think long-term instead of short-term. You cannot let some impulse buy distract you from your goals.

2) Sometimes buying becomes a mindless habit. Why not turn it around. Turn the idea of not buying anything into the mindless habit. I am not saying you cannot buy something if you need it. What I am saying is this tip will help reduce the number of impulse buys you have.

3) Do you have an alert system for your money? I know you have one for shopping. The alert shows up when you need to make a payment. That alert can also reduce the likelihood of you spending money needlessly.

The bills come first. It is more important to have a roof over your head, instead of the latest designer boots.

4) How often do you eat out? You might want to reduce the times you go out to eat. Eating out is getting very expensive compared to how it was 20 years ago. Use that money to buy some groceries or pay a bill. You will eat healthier meals when they are cooked at home anyway.